Check your inbox!

As soon as you buy the spreadsheet on gumroad, your email address is automatically✨ granted access to the folder with the spreadsheet files. You will be able to find it in the “Shared with me” section in Google Drive.

What if my email is not associated to a google account?

shared with me 2.png

Create your own copy

  1. Open the folder

    Spreadsheet folder →

  2. Open one of the spreadsheets

  3. Go to File > Make a copy

  4. Choose a name and the folder in your Google Drive where it will be saved

  5. A copy of the spreadsheet will be created, and it will open automatically✨ in a new tab 🎉

make a copy h.png

Setup your sheet

By default, editable cells in the spreadsheet have a yellow background.

editable 2.png

Every other area is protected, meaning if you try to edit it, you’ll get a warning. This is to prevent you from accidentally changing parts of the sheet that are not meant to be changed.

However, if you're a spreadsheet pro and want to add your own customizations on top of M1 Spreadsheet, you can disable this warning:

Protected Ranges

edit warning.png

Use outside of Google Sheets

What if I want to use the spreadsheet outside of Google Sheets?